I love not only the taste of traveling, but the adventure taste as well, and if it’s a Lithuanian brand and an exclusive product, then “why not?”.

    We did something together, and I think it turned out pretty good. And the tastes and adventures don’t stop there, stay tuned for the sequel…

    Let’s taste?

    Aurimas Valujavičius


    Aurimas Valujavičius, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the flight of S.Darius and S.Girėnas over the Atlantic, during 120 days 14:00 hours and 48 minutes, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat and became the third person in the world to complete such a route.

    You can watch Aurimas documentary about the trip “Row Atlantic” in all cinemas in major cities.


    Aurimas Valujavičius dokumentinis filmas Irklais per Atlantą

     Foto: delfi.lt

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