Mini three wand sticks

    In times of confusion (when you can’t decide), things you know are soothing. The natural taste of an apple, a hug, black currants dried on a Lithuanian farm, the color of chokeberry that is hard to wash from your hands, coffee, black and white cinema or love with a happy ending. Vitamin C strengthens immunity. Dad, uncle, grandfather smile from under the mustache. The gentle sharpness of the cinnamon is reminiscent of the embrace of a forgiving parent, after a child’s adventure.

    The molded caramel embraces our attempts to bring new colors and flavors into its life. Hugs, sticks to a stick of birch wood. TUTU sticks firmly together and cools down slowly. In addition to GMOs, allergens, we even choose colors that vegetarians can eat.

    A wooden stick like a finger holds an edible glass through which life is of a completely different color.
    It’s a little good to allow yourself to do nothing.

    “Don’t play with food” sounds from childhood. And what, parents are not at home, you six, blockade, hot spoon of sugar. After all, the brain needs glucose. YOU also have such gentle memories from childhood. (Nostalgia)

    This is not candy on a stick, it’s a human story. Maybe it’s YOU? (Here YOU)?

    “Broken, bent, dissolved, too much or too little weight, not the color that is here too in shape?”
    Not everything can be controlled, even in such a simple design product. We have been learning this for eight years in our workshop. (“I wish you to live artistically”) Art knows no boundaries.

    Today we turned the circle. We say YOU and YOU again. If you want to meet that even hot – send TUTUspot candy-email from here.

    It’s not easy to cook handmade candies and think someone needs them. We believe that the place of the hands between the head and the heart is not just for ourselves. Producing, doing anything, in spite of a variety of internal discussions, includes, a pleasantly primitive sense of meaning, a sense of calm, relaxation. Experience the pleasure of TU donation – click here

    “Don’t break” – a big heart full of strawberries. Lazy stopped time licking her. (Lick, heal heart wounds)
    Three wishes – would like to be in Lithuanian tricolor. Civic candy. Remember-consent gesture (gift). Apple freshness, thanks to the elders for the opportunity to eat bananas and a touch of garden berries.

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